About illusity


We aspire to create connections, initiate conversions and design new approaches to what was initially thought to be impossible. 

Our team identified a need within in the real estate industry and applied new technology in a closed marketing ecosystem. With lofty ambitions, we are committed to continuous improvement both of product and self, allowing us to conquer these obstacles and set our sights on growth and limitless expansion. 

We strive to make a change in the world,  taking every opportunity possible to enhance the lives of our clients and their customers. We believe value is added to people when we value them so let’s build something exceptional together.





Most things worth doing in the world have been declared impossible at one time or another.  We throw out the “im" asking instead why isn’t it possible?  

The answer is, anything is possible!    



"An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its part.” 

Our team, as a force, creates something bigger and better when we come together. The importance of a team is unparalleled.



It’s the curiosity on how to improve and get better. We don’t look at wins in terms of accomplishments, instead asking how can we be better? 

“If you have that constant curiosity, you find yourself getting better and better as time goes on.”-Kobe Bryant 

The illusi-team

Michael Ninian


 CEO | Founder

From concept to execution Michael developed the product, team and vision behind illusity. Previously, a top producing Vancouver luxury realtor and pre-sales specialist with more than 10 years of direct sales, marketing and business development experience, Michael has the industry connections necessary to successfully launch and grow illusity.

Tyrell Lewin


 CTO | Co-Founder 

Tyrell innovates, manages and develops all technical requirements for illusity's virtual reality platforms. His previous experience as Programmer & Technical Artist at Hellbent Games, Co-Founder and CTO of Lit Tech game studio, is vital to the development and release of our virtual sales platform.

Russel Rice


VP | Art & Design  

Artistic and Technical Art Director, creative mentor, Russell brings +20 years of game development experience to illusity.  Working with world class developers such as Bioware, Black Box Games, and EA. Russell is a multi-award winning veteran leadership figure in interactive media development. Working on +20 projects across numerous platforms and technologies. 

New Team Member


 VP | Operations 

Working directly with CEO’s and industry leading executives for over, she excels at operations management, logistics, contract management, recruitment, strategic planning and financial reporting. Her ability to ensure projects stay on time and budget is unparalleled. 

The Studio


3D Content Creation 

Our dedicated team of top-level creatives ensure illusity's strict industry leading delivery deadlines are always met. Also assisting the C-level team in pushing platform innovation.  We are 30 strong and growing.

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