FIX | Data-driven VIRTUAL sales tool

Fully Immersive Xperience

FIX is the worlds most robust data-driven virtual sales tool. Capable of empowering informed decision making through our industry leading visual story telling, reverse engineered feature set and informative immersion.  Opening new outbound marketing options like virtual kiosks and enhancing your sales teams capabilities.  FIX is capable of doing the heavy lifting in the sales cycle, lowering costs, increasing consumer convenience and conversion rates. Go beyond simple virtual reality and get the FIX. 


VisualizE | Experience | Inform

Full Visualization


We digitally create the entire building. Every single suite, interior color option, view, amenity, parking, common area and full exterior. 

Easy-touch Interface


Easy to use touch screen interface and intuitive features designed for tech newcomers. All hardware, software, tutorials, are included. Plug and play with no installation. 

User Data


Individual user data tracking. Know instantly who was looking at what and why. FIX mines, analyses and deploys individual user interaction metrics like: heat maps, unit or appliance preferences and time.   

Stable Software


No lagging, clipping or crashing. We run on Unity Engine with Microsoft MR and our in-house software offering a smooth high-definition experience. Simply power on and FIX does the rest, no technical knowledge is required to set up or use our platform. 

CRM Integration


CRM integration with third party software. Allowing for virtual user tracking through the email of every individual who registers. Our API works in combination with our data gathering software allowing for buyer specific follow up. 

Added Value


Our real-time rendering engine allows us to offer more. Induced in our pricing are still renderings, heat mapped 360 experiences and fly-through videos with industry leading turn around times.

Increased Sales


FIX creates a real connection with your buyers and brings your day in the life marketing vision to life using our technology to transport buyers to their future. Make the amenities come alive, showcase an entire master-planned community like never before.

Seated Expedience


No user disorientation or nausea.  FIX is designed as a seated experience, your sales associates can drive while potential buyers sit and enjoy.

New Possibilities


FIX is disruptive to traditional marketing formats while enhancing currently accepted sales cycles and being a value added asset in the field. Selling interior design options, appliance packages and furniture are all now possible through FIX. Unit specific registration allows for individualized follow up.


FIX | A Turn-key Platform

We reverse engineered FIX specificity for deployment as a sales tool. The FIX system arrives tested and ready to use. Our prices include all necessary 3D environmental work, software licensees, data security, storage and accessibility, hardware options, training, and support. FIX is completely turn-key and the first system of its kind. 



3D Modeling


Using our Machine Learning Creation IP allows us to build all the necessary 3D assets in-house using our real-time engine.  Entire building projects can delivered at the speed of plaid.

Software Package


 Using a combination of Unity Engine, Microsoft MR and our in-house developed IPs make for an intuitive user experience.  FIX can initialize and self calibrate, no longer is VR a hassle for your staff.

Hardware Options


  We offer a selection of high end Razer, ELO and Samsung hardware capable of running our FIX software. Each solution is bespoke to the client.