FIX App | Global presale purchasing platform

FIX App | In closed BETA

The ultimate in consumer convenience and the future of global presales. Take the presentation center directly to your clients with our patent pending Virtual Commerce Platform. A globally standardized presales and prelease platform and marketplace.  Featuring: advanced XR visualization, buyer tracking and analytics from pre-registration to completion, integration for purchasing unit upgrades, furniture, etc. and paperless bio-metrically protected purchasing process. Launching to our preferred client network in early 2020.  



Virtual Commerce


  Consumer convenience designed to speed up the presales cycle and innovate the consumer facing outbound marketing options for developers.

XR Visualization


Powerful XR visualization allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions quickly.  Your entire project in the palm of their hand, like being transported to the future.

Consumer Data


FIX App handles everything from buyer registration, data tracking with analysis, CRM integration, registration and a paperless purchasing process with biometric security.



Our patent pending Artificial Sales Intelligence designed to assist potential buyers with project information, questions, tours, etc. Built in voice recognition allows  NAVI to easily answer buyer questions in any language.

Agent Network


Still want to talk to a realtor? No problem, FIX App automatically assigns a licensed realtor from our network to your account.  Assistance with the sales process will be handled by a incensed professional.

Global Marketplace


Moving project marketing and sales to a single global platform increasing consumer convenience and lowing marketing costs substantially. IOS, Android, Stadia, PSN, Steam and other VR streaming services.