F I X | Go beyond VR

Fully Immersive Xperience

The strengths of FIX are in delivering an enhanced user experience,

making a greater emotional connection with its users, thus increasing

engagement with your entire project. FIX is a “real” experience, so the

emotional reaction you receive is qualitatively different from video or print.

We have already seen this in games, documentaries and news reporting, where

virtual reality projects have created major impact.

In a world of media saturation, the ability of FIX to generate an emotional

connection and a superior informative experience makes it ideal for

sales and marketing teams who want to deepen buyer engagement and stand out.

FIX is virtual marketing done right delivering an experience that your customers

will not only remember – they’ll actively seek it out again.

FIX allows you stand out from your competitors and offers something potential

customers will find more engaging. FIX was reverse engineered by a sales

professional as platform for, improving customer experience, expanding community

outreach, increasing conversions and lowering costs. That makes FIX the most

powerful sales tool for marketing large scale projects of any kind. 


F I X | Visualize - Experience - Inform

Go full Scale


We digitally create the entire building. Every: suite, interior color option, view, amenity, parking, common area and full exterior.  Simply put, the most robust virtual experience on the market.

Turn-Key Platform


Easy to use, designed for VR newcomers, all hardware, software, tutorials, are included. Plug & play out of the box. NO installation required!

Global Reach


Using FIX Connect our proprietary VR cloud connection means you have a remote sales center allowing you to showcase multiple projects at any location globally.

Stable Software


No lagging, clipping, crashing or nausea. We run on a trusted engine and our in-house design advancements mean a smooth high-definition experience.

Data Vault


Blending big data and VR together

for real estate. Gathering user

interaction metrics and conversion rates in real time for use during the sales cycle or making project tweaks.



Saves time, money and gathers immediate feedback from buyers. Increases foot traffic, word of mouth advertising and customer engagement.

Increased Sales


FIX creates a real connection with your buyers, like being transported to their dream future. Leverage the immersion of the worlds first virtual sales center.

Seated Experience


Unlike other systems FIX is used while seated. No large space is required and it makes users feel at ease. Best for VR newcomer with no disorientation.



FIX is disruptive to traditional marketing formats while still enhancing currently accepted sales cycles and being an useful asset to your sales staff.

I P I | New realm of AR

Intuitive Presentation Interaction

Pure sci-fi, and the second key component of our presentation center system. Utilizing the cutting-edge Microsoft Hololens headset IPI projects a holographic, interactive experience over the display model for your project. We bring these static creations to life with movie-like virtual environmental motion, floor plans, area maps and information on the surrounding neighborhood. illusity has created a unique augmented solution by blending both engineering and technology into one futuristic product.

Utilize IPI on any model, development, yachts or jets all have the ability to become fully ineradicable, this technology is very powerful for creating excitement for your work.  Use IPI in a presentation center, trade show floor or office space.


I P I | Explore - Play - Choose

Active Environment


IPI takes your display capabilities into the digital age. Within the holographic projection you can watch digital humans act out your marketing vision.  Cars, lights, trains, neighborhood information, all visible in our world. How cool is that! Your customers will be amazed and informed simultaneously.



 Allow your customers to reach out and touch your scale models. Simply point your finger at the scale model and explode each unit, allowing customers to view and rotate floor plans in a unique fashion.   Stand out form the competition by embracing the wave of new technology platforms.

Add Value


  A powerful and complete package that can be added to existing models at any point.  IPI units arrive assembled and tested with all necessary hardware and software included. Can work with FIX platforms for a 1 -2 punch,  allowing customers to use IPI to choose and FIX to experience and purchase.    

Trade shows | Sales Centers | Remote

Private Aviation



 Sales and leasing

  • Shipped direct to potential buyer
  • Brokerage office platform - allow for tours of your entire inventory 


  • Full interior and exterior rendering 
  • All customization options intractable 
  • Fight simulation mode


Real Estate



Residential - Sales and leasing

  • Townhomes
  • High rise condos
  • Single family homes
  • Master planned multi-phase communities

Commercial - Sales and leasing 

  • Office
  • retail  
  • Industrial 


Yacht Industry



Sales and leasing 

  • Shipped direct to potential buyer
  • Brokerage office platform - allow for tours of your entire inventory


  • Full interior and exterior rendering 
  • All customization options able to interact with 
  • Arrive by tender to accurately simulate vessel scale